The bot commands list

Add To Server
Commands Description Usage
>info Get banner for your server. >info [ip:port], also you can use it when you had set name on ip.
>rank See server rank. >rank [ip:port]
>maps Get information which maps are used frequently. >maps [ip:port]
>currentmap You can see which map is running on the server >currentmap(alias: >cm) [ip:port]
>top10 See top-10 server players. >top10 [ip:port]
>top15 See top-15 server players >top15 [ip:port]
>playerinfo Get player banner. >playerinfo(alias: >pi) [ip:port] [player name]
>playerscore Get player score banner. >playerscore(alias: >ps) [ip:port] [player name]
>playertime Get player time banner. >playertime(alias: >pt) [ip:port] [player name]
>setname With this command you create name for your ip address and search with name. >setname [ip:port] [ip name]
>queue See all ips and names you set. >queue
>clear Clear queue. >clear